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Ostomy Supplies

At Cooper Medical, we fancy ourselves as the local ostomy experts. Paul, one of our owners, is an ostomate himself and knows the industry as well as anyone. This knowledge translates into efficient service, and our ability to troubleshoot your specific ostomy issues is second to none.

Most products are readily available for convenient pick-up in our store. We're continually updating our inventory to have the latest accessories available. For those products we don't have, or if you're unable to visit our store, we offer delivery - often at no charge.

And for new ostomates, we can have your products waiting for you here as ordered by Interior Health. We'll keep everything highly confidential and are available to answer any of your questions as you begin this new chapter. We pride ourselves on creating a comfortable environment for you to learn more about your new ostomy.

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Cooper Medical Supplies carries a wide range of ready-to-use tube feeding products.

We understand that proper nutrition and diet is a major component of your overall health plan, especially for those with advanced medical needs. We work closely with local dieticians who will prescribe the proper nutritional therapy based on your situation. We have a wide range of enteral feeding products to help manage specific diseases when it may be hard or impossible to eat for a period of time.


Every customer who comes through our doors for compression products gets individual treatment to ensure the right fit for your prescribed garment. We always take measurements and talk about your lifestyle to find the right products for YOU. All our staff are certified garment fitters and two of our staff have extensive training in fitting custom garments for extreme lymphedema.

We provide itemized invoicing, so insurance reimbursements are completed with ease. If you don't have a prescription, we have over-the-counter solutions that are readily available after assessing your individual needs.

All our compression therapy products are guaranteed to hold their strength for 6 months. We’ll remind you when the time comes to replace your products. We will also provide you with the proper wash and care instructions for your stockings to ensure they maintain their shape for as long as possible.

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Bath Safety & Independent Living

Navigating the bathroom when you have mobility concerns can be challenging. The mere thought of lifting your leg over the bathtub or steadying yourself on a wet slippery surface can be positively frightening. But it doesn’t have to be.

By adding affordable safety solutions to your bathroom, you can put your mind at ease. With the guidance of a healthcare provider or a loved one, our knowledgeable staff can determine what is needed to ensure your safety in the bathroom. The options are vast and can be a bit overwhelming, but there really is a solution for everyone.

The aids that are currently available to make staying at home longer are amazing. From helping you put on your socks or stockings, doing up buttons and zippers, opening cans and jars or assisting you out of a chair. There is no reason to struggle through your day. We are happy to help you find solutions for safety, independence and privacy.

Walkers Canes and Chairs

Cooper Medical is proud of our selection of mobility products. Our selection of wheeled walkers has been hand-chosen with quality parts and workmanship. We also only stock the lightest of walkers so you or your loved ones can transport your walker with ease. Our staff are well versed on how to fit you with the appropriate size of walker. And yes, you do need to be fitted to your walker or cane to maximize your mobility and prevent injury.

If it is a transport chair you need, to take a loved one out shopping or to an appointment, we have those too. We also carry a broad selection of canes and crutches. Crutches are available in a wide array of heights for small children all the way up to tall adults. Our canes are available in lots of fun colours and patterns.


At Cooper Medical, we know incontinence can be a difficult subject to discuss. Rest assured, you will be treated with dignity and privacy if you need to talk about intimate products or concerns. Our selection is far greater than the drug store or supermarket, and you can find the most current products that have the highest available absorbency levels. Samples may even be available to take home.

Our incontinence section is very well organized making it easy for you to see what products are available. Not sure what you need? Our staff are trained to ask the correct questions to ensure you're getting the perfect product. And on occasion we recommend you have a discussion with your doctor so we can be assured you are getting the best possible care.

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First Aid & Wound Care

Our broad selection of first aid supplies may surprise you. Whether you’re looking for a small kit for the home or car, or specialized products for your business, we have what you need. Cost-effective substitutions and volume discounts can add further savings when the time comes to refill your current kit.

If coming home from hospital and you have a wound or injury that needs to continue to be dressed, we can help with that. Although we stop short at prescribing specific products, our staff are trained to guide you towards products that are going to be most effective for your specific needs.

Braces, Supports & Team Sports

We are proud to stock top industry brands. Whether it’s taping products, braces, walking boots or supplies for the team that you coach, we can assist you in finding the right product. We don't make clinical assessments on injuries, so we will ask you what your doctor or therapist has recommended. This will ensure you are receiving the best care possible. . If it’s a support or brace that you need, we will spend time with you to ensure that your brace is fitting correctly. Our customers will often wear their new product out of the store because the comfort level is so high after an in-store fitting..

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