opoddIntroducing the OPODD Ostomy bag cleaner.

The size of two ballpoint pens, the OPODD is a handy, go anywhere ostomy bag cleaning tool, designed by an ostomate, for ostomates. No sagging or tearing pouches, quick, efficient and easy-to-use, the OPODD gives ostomates peace of mind, never having to worry about the mess or the time it takes cleaning a bag.

Nearly two decades after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, OPODD founder Phil Rondeau found himself facing a battery of surgical procedures that wound him resulting in an ileostomy in 1997.

After searching without success for some sort of device or tool that would quickly and thoroughly clean a pouch, Phil went to his local hardware store, purchased a basket of supplies and went about creating his own solution.

After 20 minutes in the garage, Phil emerged with a functioning prototype for what is today, the OPODD!

At Cooper Medical Supplies we’re pleased to now carry the OPODD device in our store. To find out more about the OPODD visit http://www.opodd.com/pages/about-us