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How does Na`Scent work?



Aggressive oxidation is effective against Salmonella, Cholera, E-Coli, and Streptococcus – the list goes on. Just an extra atom of nascent oxygen introduced into the appliance via this remarkable product and these odor producing anaerobic microbes are destroyed.

There are two kinds of bacteria present in the human body. Aerobic bacteria are the natural floras of the body. These bacteria cannot survive without the presence of oxygen. Anaerobic bacterium is the disease, infectious, putrefying and contamination bacteria of the earth. They are found in water, food, and in the body. To further explain the technological description of how our product works the answer is simple. Oxygen kills anaerobic bacteria by utilizing the electrical charge they possess. An oxygen molecule is short one electron on its outer orbit. Build up the concentration of oxygen in the appliance (pouch) and the oxygen molecule will seek out the putrefying bacteria and pull the electron away from the microorganisms. The pleasant result is that there is no offensive odor, without the use of harsh chemicals or deodorants. The product is a clear liquid that is non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic.

These oxygen-poor microbes are responsible for many forms of fears that ostomates experience daily. Some contributors to these fears are routines such as long meetings…favorite healthy foods like broccoli and shrimp…crowded rooms, intimate moments…the need to empty in a public restroom or bathroom in someone else’s home…plane trips – the list continues. Although not readily mentioned, other factors that impede continued good health, are the extra precautions needed as well as the extra measures to insure proper hygiene and the inevitable contact with fecal matter when emptying. Another benefit with regular use of Na`Scent is the effective elimination of foul odors in gas. Protection of the health, safety and welfare of the ostomates as well as improved mental health is our bottom line. We are sincerely dedicated to BRING QUALITY OF LIFE HOME TO YOU. HM_PG_PIC

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