Dr Segal’s Compression Socks

True Graduated Compression Socks

Advanced Design Technology with True
Graduated Compression Therapy by Dr.Segal’s


Dr. Segal’s compression socks are the most fun and fashionable compression socks on the market today combining 15-20 mmHg true graduated compression therapy with exciting fashion flare.

 •Increases circulation to help prevent blood clots during long periods of sitting or standing such as travel or work

 •Reduces swelling and leg fatigue to give your legs increased energy

 •Assists in the prevention of varicose and spider veins for optimal leg health

 •Beautiful, comfortable fibers for easy wear

 •Special anti-odor properties help eliminate foot odor

 •Non restrictive band and toe box for added comfort




• Family History

• Hormonal Factors

• Aging

• Obesity

• Sedentary lifestyle

• Prolonged sitting or standing

• Trauma or surgery

• Long Distance


Ideal for sports, travel, maternity and other periods of inactivity such as sitting or standing at work, Dr. Segal’s compression legwear come in many fabulous colours, styles and fabrics, are latex free and extremely comfortable. 

While the purpose of compression socks may be all about functionality, our socks have now become a fashion accessory.



 Why limit your choices to boring styles and colours?

Enjoy the benefits of true graduated compression therapy everyday and be proud to show off those socks!


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