Be a SELF-CareGiver!

Be a SELF-CareGiver!

Caregivers are some of the most important people in the life of someone who is challenged with limited mobility and/or in need of physical or emotional support.

When a senior starts to experience challenges due to ill health or limited mobility, a caregiver means freedom and companionship. If someone is plagued with temporary or long term conditions that make it difficult to perform physical tasks, a caregiver helps them know they aren’t alone and offer a helping hand.

But, what happens when a care giver starts to burn out? People in this industry generally have huge hearts and sometimes forget to put their physical and emotional self ahead of the job. We thought an article on some of the ways a caregiver can be a ‘SELF-CareGiver’ might remind everyone how important these people are and how much it matters that they take very good care of themselves, first.

Just a few minutes can make a big difference in a hard working persons psyche  and help them recharge. Two of our favourite, easy-to-do activities are walking and Yoga. Just 10-30 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your attitude, stress levels and physical health.

Here’s a few more ideas for you to be a ‘self-caregiver’, or to share with your favourite caregiver:

  • HOBBIES. Make time for your favourite hobby and if you don’t have one, try a few things and see if you can tap into a hidden passion.
  • GET HELP. Maybe it would be worth it to have someone come in and clean your house every other week, or maintain your lawn … it’s surprisingly affordable.
  • SAY NO. It’s okay to say no and sometimes very liberating. Set boundaries and stick to them. ‘Yes people’ are the most susceptible to early burn out.
  • ASK FOR HELP. No one is superman and asking for help is more courageous than burning out because you’re trying to please the masses.
  • SLEEP. Try to get a good 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night and if you have to take a power nap in the afternoon, try to find a good time and place to do that.
  • JOIN A SUPPORT GROUP. Being a caregiver can take a toll on our emotions and the best support is from those who understand what we’re going through because they’ve been there to.
  • EXERCISE. Whether its walking, yoga or something more intense like jogging or aerobics, keep your body moving and it will treat you well.
  • MUSIC & ART. Enjoying music and art can remind us of some of the more enjoyable aspects of life and take our mind off our every day challenges…. even if for only a few minutes.
  • PACE YOUR DAY. Try not to jam in more than you can handle and even if it’s just 5 minutes to look out the window, remind yourself that it’s okay to take a break and allow your mind to soak in some external beauty and positive thoughts.
  • WORK PLACE SUPPORT. A lot of companies offer their staff support, so ask if there is such a thing and if not, see if you could start something yourself.

Without caregivers, many many people would be alone and in pretty bad shape. We salute the men and women who have the tenacity to help others and make a difference in so many lives. THANK YOU!