Ride for Dad 2017

Ride for Dad 2017

Ride for Dad 2017 (http://ridefordad.ca) is coming up Sunday, June 11th, 2017! As well as being a sponsor for this worthy event, we will also be giving away reusable water bottles filled with SQWINCHER – a professional grade hydration liquid.

Why worry about hydration you might wonder?

Did you know that most people don’t consider how much hydration they require when on their bike… they forget that you’re in the elements and, unlike a vehicle, don’t have the luxury of air conditioning, a roof, or a water bottle holder right next to you.

Factors such as direct exposure to the sun, higher temperatures and high humidity can contribute to dehydration while on your motorcycle and riding while dehydrated can be compared to driving while intoxicated – yup, you read that right!

A study conducted by author Phil Watson, PhD at Loughborough University, in the U.K., tested a group of men on the differences in their performance when hydrated versus when dehydrated. They were asked to drink a healthy 85 ounces of fluids the previous day and 16 ounces the morning before the tests. To test the difference they were asked a second time to drink 25% of that and given the same tests. It was a fairly mild difference in fluid consumption that made a significant impact on the results.

The men made twice as many mistakes when dehydrated as they did when hydrated. The spike in errors that could result in an accident matched what Watson observed in his previous studies, where participants were given 2.5 ounces of vodka.

Riding a motorcycle can be demanding on your body as well as your attention. If fact, if you ride competitively or off-road, you really understand the demands! Every measure matters to your safety when on or off road.

When you’re planning a long ride, make sure you hydrate the day BEFORE as well as the day of your ride. Don’t drink large amounts of caffeine and consider using a hydration pack that allows you to sip as you ride without using your hands.

Remember to take lots of breaks and most of all, stay safe and hydrated. ENJOY YOUR RIDE!