Spring Health – It’s Just A Walk In The Park

Spring Health – It’s Just A Walk In The Park

While many of us diarize Spring as a great time to unclutter the house, do some basic home maintenance and get things in order, are we doing enough to Spring clean our bodies?

With Spring upon us, the warmer weather inspires many to get out and get active! That’s a good thing. But is your body ready?

Increased heat, the increased presence of allergens and bug-borne illnesses can all pose a threat to our bodies at this time of year.

So how can you maximize your activity in Spring, but make sure you’re body’s up to the challenge?

First off, consider getting a full physical before engaging in strenuous Spring activities, especially Spring sports like softball or soccer!

A physical is a great way to identify any medical issues that may have cropped up over Winter without you noticing. Tackling those issues before getting active can prevent serious consequences down the road.

Consider doing an inventory and check of your medication interactions.

As time goes by, especially as we age, we find ourselves adopting more and more prescription and non-prescription medications as part of our day-to-day lives.

Like going through the cupboards and clearing out old junk that’s built up, going through your medications, vitamins, supplements, etc. that have added up over time, and making certain none of those items conflict with other items in your inventory can prevent potential serious, and even life-threatening side-effects.

Also, use Spring as your ‘Heart Healthy’ season.

Often, when Spring comes, especially after being sedentary for so long over Winter, people think they have to push the pedal to the floor and go all out with an extreme fitness regime to make up for lost Winter down time.

Not so.

In fact, just walking 30 minutes a day is enough to keep your heart healthy and maintain a positive level of fitness.

According to the American Heart Association, studies show that for every hour of walking, you can increase your life expectancy by up to two hours.

Finally, if your New Year’s resolutions didn’t pan out, give yourself a second chance and use Spring as a reset for resolutions like quitting smoking!

It’s all up to you! It’s Spring, use it to get active and boost your health and fitness!