Get Mobile!

Get Mobile!

As we age our mobility often becomes more limited.

All too often however, it becomes easy to just give in to our diminishing mobility and assume aging means giving up a lot of the things we love.

In fact, as we age, while our mobility may take a hit, there are ways we can work to improve our mobility and effectively defy the aging process, as least as far as having it force us to limit our enjoyment of life!

As Spring is just around the corner, this month we encourage everyone to ‘get mobile’ and enjoy everything life in the Okanagan has to offer. Here are a few senior’s mobility tips to help make that happen!


We often think of mobility as a ‘movement’ thing, when really, mobility issues often are more about a loss of balance control than the ‘ability’ to move. Practice improving your balance. There are many simple balancing exercises you try that require little exertion and present no risk of injury. Check these 12 ideas out at


You’ve heard it all your life, and the same message is true, even for seniors. The more active you are, the more your body will stay active. Walkers, canes and other devices can be remarkably helpful in getting you active and keeping you that way! They also provide an added layer of confidence that will help you reach a little further and help you get out of the house more often!

Adapt Your Living Space

As we change we have to consider adapting the world around us! From small things like uncluttering rooms, maybe eliminating unnecessary furnishings or moving furniture around to make areas of your home more easily accessible to adding things like rails in bathrooms and ramps, even little changes to your home can make big improvements to your mobility and your enjoyment of life!

Do It Yourself!

It’s easy as you get older, when a project rears its head, to say “I can’t do that, I’ll just hire someone to do it for me”.

You’d be surprised how much you really CAN do yourself. Obviously you don’t want to take on tasks that could cause injury or force you to venture too far beyond your comfort zone. But before you reach for the Yellow Pages and look up someone to come in and help you with simple tasks around the house, ask yourself if it’s something you could tackle yourself!

Treat Your Feet!

Uncomfortable shoes or shoes with no tread can hinder your mobility. You don’t need to treat yourself to latest New York runway fashion, but a good pair of shoes will go a long way to improving your mobility.

Take Care of Your Vision

Make sure your prescription glasses are up to date! All the balance in the world does you no good if you can’t see where you’re going in the first place!

Maintain A Healthy Diet

What on earth does what you eat have to do with your mobility??? Simple answer, good food = energy. You need energy to get up, get out and stay active. Remember, as you age, your energy level decreases. Healthy food can be your best friend as you age!

Don’t Let Your Age Stop You!

In the end result, a big obstacle in the path of mobility as your age resides between your ears. You really are only as old as you want to think you are. Ask Betty White! Don’t let your birthdate be the guide to your mobility. Stay active and stay young!

For more mobility tips or to find mobility products, come see us at Cooper Medical Supplies today!