We’ve Got Nursing In The Bag

We’ve Got Nursing In The Bag

At Cooper Medical Supplies, while we cater to the needs of all kinds of everyday people and everyday medical and health related needs, the point of our spear is the health care professional.

Supporting the most discriminating needs of health care pros means carrying the a complete selection of premium, brand name health care supplies to ensure we have what’s needed, when it’s needed, by the people who need it the most!

But health professionals aren’t like the rest of us. While we may need medical supplies for those rare emergencies or one specific ailment, nurses, for example, must be equipped to handle a full spectrum of conditions, over and over again.

The specific requirements for their ‘tools of the trade’ are much more demanding than our medical supply needs.

So this installment, we thought we’d peer into the nurse’s bag and look at a few of the more common supplies and apparatus nurses carry that might also be worthwhile having around the home, and the criteria professional health care providers consider when choosing those supplies.

Blood Pressure Cuff

 Sphygmomanometers as they are technically known, come in three basic sizes, child (or pediatric), adult (or regular) and extra large.

 Like the stethoscope, a good blood pressure cuff will be made with solid parts and good quality cuff material that will last.

 Nurses will look for superior brands they can rely on. After all, for a piece of equipment so critical, the last thing you want is to have a false reading when it comes time to use it in an emergency!

 Also a worthwhile tip if you’re looking at a manual pump blood pressure cuff; look for a cuff with the gauge built into the bulb mechanism. This will keep it in place for easy reading during use.

 Bandage Cutters

A good pair of bandage cutters comes in handy to cut through everything from gauze to rubber tubing, with a precise, straight edge. These are great to have in a good first aid kit at home, at work or at play too!

Find a pair with a protective cap to avoid puncturing clothing or skin while carrying or when not being used.

The best quality cutters are made from premium grade surgical steel. Look for milled shears, not stamped to make cutting through tough material easier.

Many health pros look for instruments that are autoclavable so they can be disinfected in an autoclave sterilizer.


A good stethoscope can cost well over $100. Brands like MDF, (www.mdfinstruments.com/) which we carry at Cooper Medical Supplies, include a lifetime warranty and feature a Free-Parts-For-Life program.

A good stethoscope will have good acoustics, tubing that will stay in place and parts that are solid, not flimsy.

Other Items

Naturally a nurse’s bag is filled with many items that would be impractical for home use, like lab books, retractable pens and clipboards.

But some other tools are definitely worth having in your home medicine cabinet. These would include a tongue depressor, gauze, cotton balls, surgical tape, rubber tubing, disposable latex gloves and a mask.

Another item nurses carry that you’ll probably have at home, is a good thermometer.

Today, digital thermometers are often chosen over the old-fashioned glass type thermometers.

If you have a digital thermometer in your medicine cabinet or first aid kit, here’s a tip often overlooked; keep alongside it an extra set of batteries!

Also often overlooked in home medical kits and cabinets, but always in a nurse’s bag, is hand sanitizer.

Let’s face it, most of the time when you resort to using medical supplies it will be when someone has suffered an injury or is dealing with some other medical condition. That will almost always mean coming in contact with bodily fluids.

You’ll want to protect yourself from blood, sweat, mucus or any other fluids and a good hand sanitizer can provide an added layer of protection!

At Cooper Medical Supplies we pride ourselves on having all the right supplies to meet the needs of the most discerning health care professionals, from physicans and nurses to chiropractors, physiotherapists, sports trainers and more! If we can be trusted by the leaders in professional health care, you know you can trust us for your medical supply needs!