Are You On A Roll?

Are You On A Roll?

From convoluted contraptions that promise to tone abs, to cumbersome, expensive electronic machines that vibrate and shake away fat, for decades entrepreneurs have been creating and marketing all means of devices, promising to improve your health and fitness.

 So who would have thought, in spite of the introduction of all those complex products, a simple foam roller would become the king (or queen) of health and fitness aids!

 Over the past few years, foam rollers have taken the health and fitness world by storm. And unlike many of the fads that have shown up over the years, foam rollers are clinically shown to produce results and look to be here to stay.

 So, you may be asking, what exactly is foam rolling and what does it do?

 Foam rollers provide users the opportunity to practice was is clinically referred to as self-myofascial release. Really, self-myofascial release is a fancy term for “self massage”.

 By using your own body weight against a foam roller, applying pressure to specific points on your body, you can aid in the recovery of muscles and assist them in returning to normal function.

 We’ve all had those little aches and pains from day to day activities. And if you exercise, you know what that soreness feels like after a good workout.

 Most of those aches and pains come from small knots that accumulate when muscles are put to work.

 A foam roller can target those “trigger points” and release the knots, relaxing the muscles and helping relieve discomfort while improving range of motion.

 Muscles should be soft and subtle, not hard and strained. So think of deep compression massage, the type you get through self-myofascial release using a roller, as kind of like tenderizing your muscles.

 Rollers also help improve circulation throughout your body, which also has many positive health benefits.

 But unlike some of the more complicated health and fitness tools out there, almost anyone can use a foam roller.

 The Internet is a ripe source for an endless array of easy-to-perform foam roller exercises, and rollers are even widely used by physiotherapy clinics and sports medicine centres.

 Powerful enough to provide a real training benefit to athletes and fitness pros and yet easy and gentle enough to use for patients recovering from surgery,  foam rollers are a practical health and fitness aid for almost anyone of any age.

 And best of all, foam rollers are lightweight, easy to store and unlike that expensive electronic monolith you saw on the shopping channel, which could be yours for just 6 easy payments of $99, foam rollers are relatively inexpensive.

 To find out more about foam rollers or to check some out in person, come see us at Cooper Medical Supplies today. We can answer all your questions.

 Keep on rolling!