Home Safety Checklist | injuries

Home Safety Checklist | injuries

home safety checklist Cooper Medical KelownaInjuries can result from seemingly innocent things around your home—many of which are easily fixed or adapted after you do some detective work to track them down. The following home safety checklists will help you inspect your home for evidence of trouble that may be waiting to happen. Every home safety checklist NO answer is a clue that your home may not be as safe as it could be and that you should be making the needed changes as soon as you can. Your safety depends on it!

Outdoor Home Safety

• Do all your doorways have an outdoor light?
• Do your outdoor stairs, pathways or decks have railings and provide good traction (i.e. textured surfaces)?
• Are the front steps and walkways around your house in good repair and free of clutter, snow or leaves?
• Do the doorways to your balcony or deck have a low sill or threshold?
• Can you reach your mailbox safely and easily?
• Is the number of your house clearly visible from the street and well lit at night?

Inside Home Safety

• Are all rooms and hallways in your home well lit?
• Are all throw rugs and scatter mats secured in place to keep them from slipping?
• Have you removed scatter mats from the top of the stairs and high traffic areas?
• Are your high traffic areas clear of obstacles?
• Do you always watch that your pets are not underfoot?
• If you use floor wax, do you use the non-skid kind?
• Do you have a first aid kit and know where it is?
• Do you have a list of emergency numbers near all phones?

Daily Living

Check out our daily living section of our website to see and bathroom safety sections.

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